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WordPress Theme Customization

Want to make that premium theme you bought just a little bit more unique? We can work with any existing theme to help bring your site to life. From Graph Paper Press to Thesis, and from Genesis to Woo Themes, and anyone in between, we can work with your theme to personalize it.

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PSD to WordPress Coding

Are you a wiz at Photoshop, but when it comes to turning your gorgeous design into a fully functioning WordPress theme, you just don’t have the time or desire? We can take your layered file and build you a WordPress theme. We can build it on top of a framework or existing theme or build you something brand new from scratch.

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WordPress Development

We partner with several excellent designers to help create your site so it looks pretty both on the outside and the inside. We work with enhanced WordPress features such as creating separate and unique page layouts, custom post types and custom fields to expand the functionality and control of your site, and multiple widget areas.

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WordPress Installation

Brand-spanking new to this whole WordPress thing and you don’t know how to get started? We can install and set up WordPress on your site and take you from zero to live in no time at all.

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WordPress Updates

Does that message at the top of your site telling you there’s a new update to WordPress keep you up at night? Are you afraid to click that link? We can get your site backed up and updated so you can keep on top of any security fixes and new features WordPress has to offer.


Blogger to WordPress Conversion

Are you still on Google’s Blogger sites, but have the desire to host and control your site on your own? We can help turn your Blogger blog into a WordPress site and bring all your content over onto your new site.

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WordPress Coaching and Training

Feel like you need just a little one on one time with a WordPress Diva? We are available for one-on-one coaching, either in person or via Skype, workshop training, and speaking engagements.

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Who Do We Work With

We work mostly with design agencies who build beautiful designs and choose to outsource their development work, but we will work with anyone who needs a little help with their programming needs.